1. ALLOYCALCULATOR.COM provides ALLOY SCRAP value calculation, hedging calculation and a marketplace for buyers and sellers.

2. Anyone can use our services freely at no cost after a simple registration. We may send a verification message to the email address you have registered.

3. For scrap value calculation you may either click on “Select Group” and “Select Alloy” at the dropdown menu

   or click on “Search 2000+ Alloys” in the search tap.


4. On the calculation page you can look up the estimated REFERENTIAL prices of alloys for the melting shops(CFR Mills)

and you yourselves can calculate the alloy price according to your own preferred chemical composition value and index by clicking on “Calculate My Price”.

Historical prices of alloys are also displayed on the Scrap Value page.

Pricings are denominated in USD.



5. Hedging: In order to accomplish the ever-earning transactions, FUTURES HEDGING is recommended to lock in a certain price and guard against the possibility of falling prices.

6. Marketplace allows you to promote your alloy-related products and services. Other unrelated advertisement shall be deleted without notice.